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Specializing in electronic and telephonic stethoscopes, under both its own label Telehealth Technologies, and under private labels used by our Value-Added Resellers, RNK Products offers a range of products to fit any institutional or home telemedicine program. Our patented telephonic stethoscopes are the most widely used stethoscopes for remote auscultation between hospitals and clinics in the world.

Expertise and Accomplishment in Telemedicine
With our founder having designed one of the first remote auscultation stethoscopes in the telemedicine industry, and awarded the first US patent for a telephonic stethoscope, our expertise and knowledge in the field is unparalleled. This history combined with our newest technology and patented telephonic stethoscope designs enables RNK Products to continue to be at the forefront of both today's and tomorrow’s telemedicine solutions.

Value in Our Products
RNK Products strives to deliver high quality products that meet the needs of medical providers at a competitive price. Through low pricing and exceptional value, we take pride in minimizing costs for telemedicine programs, medical facilities, and the patients who ultimately utilize our products.

Quality Assurance and Performance
Our quality standards are of the highest caliber, which is evidenced by our FDA and ISO 13485 certifications, and our satisfied customers. All of our stethoscopes are assembled in the USA. RNK Products has worked with numerous members of the telemedicine industry, including major universities, state governments and top publicly traded companies.

Customer Service is Key
From timely shipments, relaxed warranty policies and supportive personal attention, RNK Products strives for complete customer satisfaction. RNK Products believes in forming mutually beneficial partnerships to help its customer achieve success.

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